Checklist for Baidu SEO

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How to be rank on Baidu

So, you are thinking about entering the Chinese market or maybe you are already doing business in China.

How do customers in China find your company? Do they search online? If so your company needs to be found on Baidu! Not Google. Google has less than 1% of the searches done in China while Baidu is the market leader with more than 83% of all searches. Therefore, Baidu is often called “The Chinese Google” and while both are search engines the two are different.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an important part of any digital strategy for any company. And now you have identified that Baidu is the search engine you need to focus on for the Chinese market. What are the do’s and don’ts of Baidu? Here we are giving some of the do’s and don’ts on Baidu.

To do list
  1. Chinese domain and server
    • How quick your company website loads are very important for Baidu, more so than it is for Google. And due to “The great Chinese firewall” any website that is not hosted in China will be slower and therefore penalised.
  2. Chinese website
    • To have an indexed website on Baidu it is required to be in Chinese, and not just google translated into Chinese. Baidu can recognise this and will penalise a website for using google translate.
  3. Mobile optimised website
    • As smartphones in China very dominant with more than 95% of internet users use a mobile device to connect online. Hence, Baidu has since 2015 given websites that are not mobile friendly a lower ranking.
    • In addition to this, if your website is not very mobile friendly you will have a higher bounce rate from mobile users, which will also give you a lower ranking.
  4. Find the right keywords to focus on
    • Make sure you have a content for the most important keyword and make sure you do not do any “keyword stuffing”. The more relevant and higher the quality of the content for the keywords the better.
  5. Send your sitemap to Baidu webmaster service
    • Make it easy for Baidu to explore your website and make sure the web-crawler identify the pages in the right way.
Not to do list
  1. Use flash elements
    • Baidu simply ignores all flash elements on your website, so any work that is put into these flash elements is wasted.
  2. Use Javascript
    • The Baidu web-crawler does not check javascript, so just like with flash it will appear blank to Baidu. This lowers the quality of your website in the eyes of the Baidu web-crawler.
  3. Too much space for ads
    • Baidu had an update to combat the number of advertisements on Chinese websites. Hence now if too much of the screen is coved in ads you will be penalised. This has mainly had an effect on pop-up ads which covers the whole screen.
  4. Link spamming
    • Having many backlinks was once the golden way to higher rankings on Baidu, however, since 2015 this has not been the case. Since then Baidu has had more focus on the quality of links like what it is on Google.

Hopefully, this has made it slightly easier to understand how Baidu is working. Thus giving you some steps to improve your company ranking on Baidu.

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