A guide on WeChat Advertising

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As WeChat goes far beyond a basic messaging tools, many brands and marketing firms have embraced the undeniable importance of WeChat advertising for their marketing needs in China.

What is WeChat advertising?
WeChat advertising allows companies to display promotional messages on user’s timeline or at the bottom of an article in a WeChat official account. It helps brands to gain more followers, drive more traffic to their website or generate app downloads, etc.

There are three major types of WeChat advertising – which are commonly used by brands:
Type 1 – WeChat Moments advertising
Type 2 – WeChat banner advertising
Type 3 – influencers advertising

Type 1 – WeChat Moments advertising
“Moments” on WeChat is like “Newsfeed” on Facebook – where you can see your friends’ posts and updates. Advertising on Moments is similar to the ads that appear on Facebook newsfeed.

WeChat Moments ads were launched in 2015. Before the launch, Moments has always been a target for brands to promote themselves to users. Through a WeChat advertising company, a brand could buy 600 personal accounts, each account with at least 500 friends. They then forwarded promotional messages via these personal accounts. In this way, they could reach over 300,000 WeChat users. However, this was a very manual process.

The official launch of WeChat Moments advertising allows brands to promote to their targeted audience in a more sophisticated way.

How does it work?
A Moment ad can include:
Brand name and profile picture
Up to 40 characters description
A link to HTML5 page
Up to 6 pictures or a 6-15 seconds short video

Once the ad is approved, it will remain for viewing on the network for 48 hours. If the user ignores the ad or opts it out, the ad will be removed within six hours. If the user clicks on the ad, it increases the possibility that their friends will also see the same ad. The ad will appear on the user’s newsfeed every 48 hours – it is a policy of Tencent so that users are not overwhelmed by ads.

The ad can be targeted to specific groups like gender, age, education, industry, interests, location, mobile devices and WeChat behaviour, etc.

Type 2 – WeChat banner advertising
WeChat banner advertising is similar to ads banner you would see on a website. But for WeChat, the banner will be shown at the bottom of an article written by another WeChat official account. There are two types of WeChat banner advertising – standard WeChat banner ads and two-way-pick banner ads.

Standard WeChat banner ads
Similar to WeChat Moments advertising, you can choose your targeted audience. However, you can’t control which specific WeChat official accounts your ads will appear on.

WeChat banner ads contains:
A brand logo, official account name and a headline. It takes the users to a page with additional information about the product
Call-to-action: the action call takes the users to another landing page such as following an account, claiming a coupon, downloading an app, etc

Two-way-pick banner ads
Launched in 2016, two-way-pick banner ads contains a bigger picture, brand name, a logo and a “learn more” button to take users to a HTML5 page for interaction. The major difference between WeChat banner ads and two-way-pick banner ads is that the latter is performance based price setting:

An agreement between an account and an advertiser: the official account and the advertise must agree on a cost paid per view. The price is set based on past performance. For example, if the article of the account has about 100k views, the promised views should be between 80k to 150k views.
The official account will receive the full price only if the promised views have been reached. Otherwise, it will only get a proportion of the full price.

The official accounts need to have at least 20,000 followers in order to host the two-way-pick banner advertising. With two-way-pick banner ads, brands can choose a specific official account they want to have the ads on – which allows better targeting. A more self-defined HTML5 page also improves the conversion rate.

Type 3 – influencers advertising
Just like influencer marketing in the West, you can pay a popular WeChat blogger to write a promotional article about your product/service or a banner ad at the bottom of a content piece. They usually charge a flat fee, a result-based fee, free products or commission. The influencers economy in China is phenomenal. If you find a right influencer for your brand, it could be great for market and sales.

GoDigitalChina offers a one-stop-shop digital marketing on WeChat for you. Contact us now and let’s find the best e-marketing solution for you.

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